This dress was downsized by two dress sizes via the side seams as well as through the corset

A heavily beaded deep lace appliqued hem on tulle over skirt was shortened by approx 15cm which involved completely taking off the lace, moving it up then rebeading it.

A beautiful tea length gown that had to have the bodice completely remade as it was too big. A duchess satin sash was added and a bowtie for the groom was made to match the wedding theme.
This zip up evening gown was changed to a lace up back to add an extra bit of va va voom at the client's request. The photos show the before, during and after images.


Wedding belts made to order

All the bridesmaids required bust and length alterations as well as length alterations to the bride's dress too
This gown required shortening as well as alterations to the additional bolero. The gown is shown bustled up. Ideal for that first dance!
This wonderful lady loved this gown so much she just had to buy it!
There was the small matter of it being approximately
THREE dress sizes too big!
It took five fittings, an awful lot of skill and patience but the end result is stunning!
It fitted her perfectly for her special day

Before and after photos. This lovely lady was on a mission to lose weight for her wedding day and she managed to lose almost 3 stone. Her dress underwent massive reconstruction to give her the Jessica Rabbit look her new trim figure deserved. An amazing transformation

And this was where it all began, way back in 1991.
I made my own wedding dress as well as all the bridesmaids, flower girl and cravats. 
We're celebrating 27 years of marriage this year and I love him and sewing as much now as I did then!
And this is where it all workroom! Including a changing room for privacy. It's compact but perfectly formed and on the odd occasion we need more space we can spread out into the comfort of the lounge. Perfect for brides, allowing their mum's to sit in comfort during the fittings. 

Before & after. The curved back gaped but now fits smoothly against the back.