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A guide to current prices.

These are given as an indication but I can only quote accurately once I see you in your dress.

Please note I have a £150 minimum total invoice charge for alterations.



SHOULDER LIFTS                                               from      £25.00

BUST ADJUSTMENTS                                         from      £45.00

BUST CUPS                                                                        £20.00

SLEEVES ADDED (labour only)                          from      £80.00

NECKLINE CHANGES                                          from      £60.00

CORSET BACK                                                     from      £90.00

BUTTONS & LOOPS ADDED TO ZIP                   from      £70.00

WAIST ADJUSTMENT                                         from      £45.00

HIP/BOTTOM ADJUSTMENT                              from      £60.00

SHORTEN HEM (chiffon)                                    from      £85.00

SHORTEN HEM (tulle only)                                from      £125.00

SHORTEN HEM (lace edged)                             from      £200.00

BUSTLES (per point)                                                        £15.00

ADDITIONAL BEADING                                       from      £30.00



BUST ADJUSTMENTS                                        from      £30.00

CORSET BACK                                                    from      £80.00

(you must supply 1M of matching fabric or a 2nd dress to utilise)

SHORTEN HEM (cut only with raw edge)         from      £20.00

SHORTEN HEM (tulle & 1 lining)                       from      £25.00

SHORTEN HEM (stretchy fabric)                       from      £30.00

SHORTEN HEM (chiffon & 1 lining)                   from      £35.00

SHORTEN HEM (chiffon & 2 lining)                   from      £40.00

SHORTEN HEM (full chiffon)                              from      £65.00


Please be aware it’s not always possible to let out/take in a dress more than 2 dress sizes as it has a knock-on effect on where seams lie etc, therefore it’s advisable to buy the dress for your widest area on your body. This will help keep alterations charges to a minimum. That's not to say alterations outside of these parameters are not possible.

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